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Vocal Remover in karaoke software

Vocal Remover is free in PowerKaraoke — you do not need purchase the unlock code to use it. We have added it to our software but we are well aware of its limitations. There is no vocal removing tool available that can do the same job as recording the instrumental part of the song — all vocal removing tools work more or less in the same way (by removing the common part of two stereo channels).

PowerKaraoke and PowerKaraoke Plus are CD+G authoring packages — the price is based on features that allow creating professional CD+G discs from scratch (usually using recorded instrumental part). And home users can convert MIDI karaoke to CD+G.

Also I do not believe in MP3 to MIDI converting — it is impossible with the current state of science and technology. Maybe you meant MIDI to MP3? Or adding karaoke lyrics to MP3?

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