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Setting font for display in Karaoke Video Creator

I have analyzed the problem and the solution was to select the proper font for display. Here is what I did:

1. I selected the soundtrack and imported the text into Power Video Karaoke (I have saved the text to Unicode-encoded text file). The display in the lyrics editor was fine, but the output was not correct. If you did not get this right select Preferences from Toolbox, then click on […] and select Chinese font here (I used Batang font).

2. Now I have selected the Video Settings command from Master menu and changed the font from Arial to Batang. This was the only font on my computer that displayed all characters properly (MS Mincho did not).

I had to edit the text a little — Power Video Karaoke requires space character to split words, and in the song there were only comas and dashes, so the output looked strange. Also you may need to change the font size to a smaller number.

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