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How to work with AVI files in Karaoke Video Creator

In overwrite mode all that was needed was making the text area slightly higher — in some cases two lines did not fit (probably due to accents). Also making ‘Additional spacing’ parameter smaller would work. In scrolling mode I simply resized the text area — again the accents was what caused the problems. In the [...]

Which software rips and burns CD+G discs

Power CD+G Burner is a software that does both things — you can save tracks from CD to hard disc (this is ‘Rip’ section) and vice versa — burn MP3+G tracks to CD (‘Burn’ section). You may download the evaluation version of the software to make sure this is what you need (it is essential [...]

Vocal Remover in karaoke software

Vocal Remover is free in PowerKaraoke — you do not need purchase the unlock code to use it. We have added it to our software but we are well aware of its limitations. There is no vocal removing tool available that can do the same job as recording the instrumental part of the song — [...]

Burning CD+Gs

You do not need any other software — if Power CD+G Burner worked before then it should work now. Entering the unlock code should not change anything. (Mention regards our other software and is for users that cannot use Power CD+G Burner). Please see my suggestions/questions below. 1. Have you installed any additional software in [...]

CD+G seeking slow in Karaoke Player

CD+G is a sequential format, but we employ special techniques to make seeking possible. This involve storing key frames every second and also requires rendering of the entire window each time the screen is painted. But still the processor load is extremely high — maybe there is some other explanation for this. Do you have [...]

Ripping BIN karaoke files

BIN files are karaoke track images — they can be recorded to another CD+G disc using Power CD+G Burner or played back in the computer with software like Power CD+G Player Pro. You may also rip songs to MP3+G format — they are MP3 soundtrack files and CDG files with lyrics and graphics. I suspect [...]

Setting font for display in Karaoke Video Creator

I have analyzed the problem and the solution was to select the proper font for display. Here is what I did: 1. I selected the soundtrack and imported the text into Power Video Karaoke (I have saved the text to Unicode-encoded text file). The display in the lyrics editor was fine, but the output was [...]

How to set MMC-Raw in Power CD+G Burner

We did not modify burning module, all that was added was the ripper. Try to burn using the following settings: [X] Use MMC-Raw driver [ ] Don’t interleave subchannel data [X] Don’t generate error correction codes After you do the burning please send the log file — you will find it in the following location: [...]

What resolution PowerKaraoke uses

PowerKaraoke gives exactly the same resolution as any other CD+G discs. The problem may be with colors, as some of them may indeed look more blurry on a TV screen. Generally using basic colors should do the job. Using red, yellow, and blue colors should give best results.

How to see Laotian fonts in Karaoke CD+G Creator

To see Laotian fonts all you have to do is to change the display font for the song — select ‘Video Settings’ command from ‘Master’ menu. ‘Video Settings’ window will appear. There click on ‘…’ button next to the font name and change the font to Laotian font you have sent me. Then click OK. [...]