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Burning CD+Gs

You do not need any other software — if Power CD+G Burner worked before then it should work now. Entering the unlock code should not change anything. (Mention regards our other software and is for users that cannot use Power CD+G Burner).

Please see my suggestions/questions below.

1. Have you installed any additional software in the meantime? Or maybe have you installed the newer version of Power CD+G Burner?

2. Have you changed any of Power CD+G Burner settings? If yes, please reset them to default values (please see the image attached).

3. If you have more then one CD-R device installed on your computer, make sure that you use the one that you used when evaluating our software.

4. If all this fails please send us pcdgblog.txt file located in C:\Program Files\Doblon\Power CD+G Burner directory.

I am sure that we will be able to figure what the problem is.

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