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Setting font for display in Karaoke Video Creator

I have analyzed the problem and the solution was to select the proper font for display. Here is what I did: 1. I selected the soundtrack and imported the text into Power Video Karaoke (I have saved the text to Unicode-encoded text file). The display in the lyrics editor was fine, but the output was […]

How to set MMC-Raw in Power CD+G Burner

We did not modify burning module, all that was added was the ripper. Try to burn using the following settings: [X] Use MMC-Raw driver [ ] Don’t interleave subchannel data [X] Don’t generate error correction codes After you do the burning please send the log file — you will find it in the following location: […]

How to choose Hebrew script in Karaoke CD+G Creator

You may need to set the script for the font to Hebrew. This has to be done in two places: 1. Select Preferences from Toolbox menu 2. Click […] button and choose Hebrew under Script, then OK. 3. You should be able to see Hebrew characters in editor window now. To view them in Preview […]

What resolution PowerKaraoke uses

PowerKaraoke gives exactly the same resolution as any other CD+G discs. The problem may be with colors, as some of them may indeed look more blurry on a TV screen. Generally using basic colors should do the job. Using red, yellow, and blue colors should give best results.

How to see Laotian fonts in Karaoke CD+G Creator

To see Laotian fonts all you have to do is to change the display font for the song — select ‘Video Settings’ command from ‘Master’ menu. ‘Video Settings’ window will appear. There click on ‘…’ button next to the font name and change the font to Laotian font you have sent me. Then click OK. […]